Our Goals

· To provide a happy home for all persons seeking residence at Bindaree Lodge
· To provide high quality care
· To provide a safe and secure environment
· To ensure all residents are treated with dignity and respect

Our Objectives

· To provide a homelike environment that resembles an individual’s home as much as possible
· To ensure each resident has private space and personal belongings that are respected by others
· To maintain positive attitudes amongst staff and residents
· To provide holistic care which is designed to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of residents
· To provide qualified assessment of needs, a planned approach to care and evaluation of that care so that residents health will be maintained at the optimum level possible
· To provide in-service educational facilities for all staff and to encourage and assist all staff to attend and participate in study days, courses and seminars which will improve and extend their skills
· To maintain a safe environment for residents, staff and visitors by the recognition of hazards and the implementation of effective safeguards and practices
· To ensure the individuality of residents is respected
· To recognise the rights of residents and families to exercise freedom of choice whenever this does not infringe on the rights of others
· To respect residents cultures, beliefs and customs.